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Well, hello there.  Welcome to The Corner of Charm and Style.  My name is Shelley and I created this blog as a place to write about and explore style in a variety of forms...home style, personal style, and local style.  These are the things that make me tick and I enjoy writing about them and exploring new ideas on various posts and pages of this here blog. I live in Connecticut with my husband, Dave, and our pup, Bella.  I love New England life and the beauty and peace it's natural surroundings provide.

I spend my days working in Corporate Finance but have always been fascinated by architecture and interior design.  Our homes are such an integral part of our lives, it's where we truly relax, where our happiest memories are made, and where we grow and cultivate our family bonds.  Because of this I believe that the style of one's home should be a well designed reflection of who they are.  Truly loving the environment you are in will only intensify your relaxation, your happy memories and your family bonds.

From the time I was little, I've always loved fashion and would spend hours carefully mixing and matching different looks for my Barbies and American Girl Dolls.  Later on in high school, I started to express my personal fashion more, at a time when most kids want their look to blend in, I wanted to be unique, to come to school wearing something that stood out for being different and stylish.  I still feel that way today and truly try to live by the motto that I will wear what I want and not let myself be consumed by what others think.  As Coco Channel said "Don't be like the rest of them darling."  Wise words from a woman that created a fashion empire, it's no wonder she also said "My life didn't please me, so I created my life."  Her take life by the hand and lead it attitude inspires so much more in me then just my personal style.

I also love to explore local places and will enthusiastically drive an hour away just to drink the perfect cup of cappuccino in a cozy cafe.  I love exploring my delightful little state and finding the places that make a certain town home for the folks that dwell within it's town lines.  Dave and I are Sunday drivers, often hitting the road with just a general destination in mind and seeing what we find.  It's on these drives that I feel the most free and we usually always find a cool hangout or shop (yay!), that we just know we will be back to visit.  When we find a true gem, I promise to share it here with all of you.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I truly hope you find a style or idea you'd like to try for yourself and if my quirky ramblings inspire you in some way, then I cannot thank you enough for the compliment.  If your still reading this...way to go...Lord knows I can go on.  Might I suggest you go reward yourself with a cocktail or a cookie?  Cheers!

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