Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, August 2017

Ah, if only I could spend all my days relaxing on a front porch in dainty little heels enjoying the view.

I feel like every woman has a friend that is their style cheerleader...someone that encourages you to find your personal style and embrace it brazenly outloud (no, no, no wait a minute....all caps OUTLOUD!)  Someone that will gasp and brighten your day with a little sunshine when you just knock your outfit out of the park.  Someone that will stop by your desk at work daily, make you stand up, twirl and display your outfit and then announce to your surrounding co-workers that you resemble a tulip, the Statue of Liberty or porcelain china.  This friend is a style maven all their own but more importantly then that they have an aura that glows and inner beauty that shines just as bright as their outer beauty.  Having a friend like this is invaluable because you always have someone to bounce style ideas off of and someone that will tell you "Heck no!  Those shoes do not work with that!"  For me this is my friend, Cary.  Recently, Cary gifted me the blush bow heels above and I love them so much I just had to name them the August Shoe of the Month!


Here's a closer look at the shoes.  The blush color in the shiny patent leather is just divine!  I love how dainty and perfect looking the bow is and it gives the shoes such a proper lady vibe...but then your eye travels back to the side cutouts giving the shoe a little edge and you know, this is a lady that goes out for tea with the gals but she can also throw back three consecutive shots of tequila with no chaser.  Well, she could in her youth anyway, so maybe what these shoes are saying is "Don't let the paleness of my hue fool you...this lady knows how to put a little color into the everyday."   

Unfortunately, I couldn't find these exact shoes to link up but here are two pairs with a similar vibe.  Click here and here.

Because, I love the bow detail of these shoes so much, it inspired me to find some other great shoes with bows options.  Here's a little round up for your viewing, clicking, shopping pleasure.

Satin Blush -  These are such a gorgeous shade of pink and the satin is so luxe.
Tan and White - The combination of the tan and white leathers just speak to me.
Leopard -  Leopard print, bows and a kitten heel = one heck of a combo!  

Thus concludes another shoe of the month post.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  If you'd like to submit a shoe for a future shoe of the month feature, simply post a picture to Instagram and tag it #shoeswithcharmandstyle.  Till next time, Dear Readers!

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