Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, June 2017

Hello Dear Readers.  It's hard to believe June is already upon us.  I feel like it was just New Year's and I was eating rice balls and fighting to stay awake till midnight.  Ah yes, a pretty accurate depiction of my fast paced life right there...but man...those rice good!

It's was rather non-Spring like for awhile here in Connecticut.  It seemed like for every warm sunny day we got, we were blessed with four rainy and cold ones.  Do you ever find yourself apologizing for the weather?  We had some co-workers from Europe, Asia and Australia in my office a couple weeks ago and I found myself telling them, "I'm sorry you have to be here in this weather.  Usually it's much warmer and sunnier this time of year."  To which they replied, "Yeah sure...we are never coming back here!"  Oy vey!  Things finally seemed to change this past week, however, and the weather was really hot and humid in the beginning of the week.  We went from cold, dreary and wet to full blown Summer.  Speaking of Summer, my pick for the June Shoe of the Month is this charming black and white gingham check heel from the Who What Wear collection for Target.  Gingham is such a fun and summery print that always makes me think of my Grammy.

Now I am smart enough to know that when people describe fashion as "grandmotherly" it is generally not a good term but those people are not related to my Grammy.  My Grammy was always a stylish lady and a very meticulous dresser.  I have jewelry and scarves of hers that are in heavy rotation in my wardrobe and I think I get my love of fashion from her.  I remember her having more than one gingham check blouse in her Summer wardrobe rotation.  Here's to you Grammy!  Much love!

Aside from the print of these shoes, I'm also crazy about the classic black and white color combination.  Plus I think the print is small enough that you can mix these shoes with a print of a larger size, I did in the first picture, and it totally works.  So go ahead...get your style on!

I thought it'd be fun to do a little Summer shoe round up for you all.  I also wanted to focus on some budget friendly options, so all the shoes in the round up are $40 or less.  So go ahead, view, click, shop guilt free!

Blush Ballet Flat  These would be adorable with all those summer skirts and dresses.  Plus blush is such a hot color right now.

Denim Heel  I really like the texture the denim gives these shoes and the criss cross detail at the ankle is just darling!

Perforated Flat  Perforated leather is also trending big time right now.  I think these shoes look so comfy cozy and would be great for wearing with your favorite jeans on the weekends or on a casual day at the office.

White Heel  Pretty white Mary Jane heels.  Classic and cute.

Mint Sandal  There are such unique elements on these!  I really like the metallic detail on the heel, the ankle details and the cool mint color.   Plus there are plenty of other color options as well.  Be sure to check out the coral!

Calf Hair Sandal  Animal print is always fun.

Just like that another Shoe of the Month post comes to a wrap.  If you'd like to submit a shoe for consideration in a future shoe of the month post, simply post a photo of the shoe on Instagram and tag it #shoeswithcharmandstyle.  Thanks for stopping by and here's to a warm and relaxing Summer for you all.  Till next time, Dear Readers!

P.S.  You can also check me out on Instagram @cornerofcharmandstyle

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