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Hello Dear Readers.  Welcome to my new and improved site.  I'm still playing around and working on some fine tuning but I'm really excited and loving how it turned out.  Best of all, I like how it allows me to better connect with all of you as this blog now has direct links to my Instagram, Pinterest and email.  So if you have any questions, special requests for posts, or just want to say hi then go ahead and shoot me an email.  A huge thanks to my friend, Jeff, for helping me set up the new look.

However, I'm sure you noticed by now that the title of this post is "Master Bedroom Refresh" and not "New Blog Look" so let's get to it...shall we!?!?

Dave and I are working on a little refresh for our master bedroom.  We are keeping all the furniture but making cosmetic changes like, new paint, bedding and art.  We also never had an area rug in our room so we are finally adding one of those as well.  I feel like the area rug is the key piece to making our room feel all grown up and cohesive.  I think that Dave and I have a problem that quite a few newly married couples have, that problem being our house is a mix of his furniture pre-me and my furniture pre-him.  These things don't necessarily compliment each other and yet they often cohabitate in the same room.  As Scooby-Do would say "Rut Roh!"  However, I have no fear about this!  In fact I'm rather excited by the challenge of creating a new space that harmoniously comes together.  I've been working on a mood board to experiment with ideas for our room and I invite you to follow along to see what ends up working and what just plain falls flat.  Hopefully we'll all learn something together.  

I have always dreamed of a black and white room and wanted one SO badly in my angst ridden days of junior high.  As you know, Tori Amos' music just evokes so much more feeling when listened to with your best friend in your moody bedroom after school while practicing the best way to apply your Great Lash mascara.  This was not my reality though as my bedroom walls had a floral wallpaper of pink and ivory tones.  Oh vey!  It was as if a bottle of Pepto Bismol exploded in my room and dripped down the walls in a beautiful floral pattern.  In my teenage mind, Tori would take one look at my bedroom, play a note on her harpsichord and scoff in laughter.

Flash forward to my mid-thirties and that black and white bedroom is about to come to life, only this time the generally cheery disposition in me is adding in some pops of green.  Below is the mood board I created for the refresh.  Several of the items I have already purchased, a few I plan to purchase and a few are just general ideas of what I'm looking for.  I've already painted the walls Moonlight White by Benjamin Moore so I got the solid white base I was hoping to achieve.

Botanical Prints  I ordered these prints from the DecorMAISON shop on Etsy.  I love their traditional vibe and the ivory color of the flowers with the pop of green is just what I was looking for.  I plan to frame them with the burlwood frames linked below.

Flushmount Light  I also already have this light.  I love it's whimsy and it is rather lovely in person.

Girl with Bird Print   Dave and I fell in love with Duy Huynh's work after spying it on  We are back and forth between this and one other print but I'm pretty sure this one is going to win.

Burlwood Frames  These are not real burlwood.  The price is way to good!  They do however look rather authentic.

Bedding  I also already have this bedding.  It was the jumping off point for me with this whole room design.  I love it's luxe look and versatility.  I can easily keep this bedding change out the pillows and give it a whole new look.

Rug  We just got this rug last week and it's so great!  It looks even better in person and feels so nice underfoot!

Chair I've been searching tag sales and estate sales for a chair with a similar vibe as this.  I want to reupholster it with a patterned fabric like the black and white one I linked below.  I'm also toying with the idea of painting the wood frame a bold shade of green.  I think it's good to take risks sometimes.  Plus if I absolutely hate it I can always paint it gold.

Velvet Fabric  I plan to make a velvet tasseled pillow for my reupholstered chair.

Black and White Fabric For the chair.

Stripe Fabric I plan to use this fabric for a lumbar pillow for the bed.  It will help bring that pop of green to the neutral bedding.

Mirror Trio  I want to do a trio of small mirrors on the wall above the accent chair, similar in vibe to this.

I'm really excited to see how it all comes together.  Dave and I are both happy with the changes we've made so far.  There are still a ways to go however and I painted the walls but have yet to paint the wood work (Joy!)  I'll definitely keep you all updated as our master bedroom refresh progresses.

Till next time Dear Readers!

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