Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, May 2017

Happily wedded feet.

Hello Dear Readers.  Today is my 2nd Wedding Anniversary and in honor of that I thought it'd be fun to make my wedding shoes the shoe of the month for May 2017.  Some may see this as a shameless plug to get people to wish me Happy Anniversary....but it's SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!  May is the start of wedding season and I am honoring that today as well with not just one but two shoe round ups.  Oh my!  One for brides and one for guests.

But first, here are some details on my wedding shoes.  I chose the Inez shoe from Kate Spade.  Here's a closer lookie lou for your viewing pleasure.

I love the silver sparkles and feel that they give this shoe a Cinderella vibe.  I'm also quite fond of the delicate ivory satin details.  What really drew me to this shoe was that it said bridal to me but it also did not say bridal to me.  By that I mean, I knew that I could wear this shoe for other occasions after our wedding was over.  I really liked that because as a lover of fashion, I enjoyed picking out my dress, shoes and accessories so much.  However us gals only get to wear our wedding ensemble for just a few hours on one day.  Knowing I had these great shoes I could wear again and be brought back to the happiest day of my life the moment I put them on was really special to me.

Getting back to the versatility of these shoes, however, they can be worn to attend a wedding as a guest, for a special date night such as an anniversary dinner, or even with jeans and a dressy top for a high school reunion or other fun night out where dressy jean outfits are on the agenda.  You could also wear them while sitting on your couch in owl pajamas, writing the shoe of the month post the night before your anniversary...but that's neither here nor there.

So without further ado, here are my picks for shoes for the bride:

1.)  Oh my!  I really love these shoes.  If these were available when I was getting married they would have been a serious contender.

2.)  I love it when a bride wears a shoe with color!  The pale blue shade of these Badgley Mischka's is just stunning.  I want to paint a room this color...but that's another post!

3.)  For the sparkle timid...these have a traditional wedding feel with the satin and bow.

A round up of shoes for the guest:

1.)  More Kate Spade's!  The cobalt hue of these is wowza!

2.)  I adore these!  They are so feminine and pretty.  These would be perfect for a garden wedding.

3.)  These are so unique.  Such great cut out details.  These would work at a black tie occasion with a black moody dress or at a day wedding with a feminine pastel dress.

I'll leave you with a couple pictures from my wedding day for those of you that are curious about my dress and curious to see what Dave looks like.  For those that would like to know, my dress was by Pronovias.

I always stand like this when hanging out on window sills...I find it to be the most comfortable.

Thanks for taking a look back at my wedding with me Dear Readers.  Take care till next time.

P.S.  You can check me out on Instagram @cornerofcharmandstyle.

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