Mother's Day Lunch 2017

Happy Mother's Day Dear Readers.  Extra special happy wishes to all of you that are mothers.  You have one of the hardest jobs out there and really probably need more that just one day of tribute.

The Mother's Day place setting I dreamed up this year.

As some of you already know, I love to entertain.  One of my favorite things about entertaining is adding little details to make my guests feel extra special.    As a way of showing our parents we appreciate all they have done and continue to do for us, Dave and I like to go all out on both Mother's Day and Father's Day.  I thought it might be fun to tell you how we made Mother's Day special this year.

When starting to think about what to do for Mother's Day, I first think about the table setting and decor, because to me that is the best part.  Usually once I get that dreamed up in my mind the rest of the day falls into place.  I saw this tutorial for folding napkins like a rose on Lauren Conrad's blog awhile back and thought it would be the perfect jumping off point for my table setting.  My Mom gifted me her china when Dave and I first got married and the sepia rose pattern tied into the rose napkin perfectly.  I also love printed menus at each plate, they're fun to design, simple and add a nice touch to the lunch table.  I always like to put a little extra something at the Moms' places at the table so this year I made little cards that spelled out the Moms' names and thought of an adjective that described them for each letter in their name.  I then tied the cards to small bunch of roses.  This year I was feeling the olive green and pink combo and I really like the way the colors pop and add some contrast to the more muted tones of the china and table linens.

An overhead view of the table.

I really wanted to host this luncheon outside this year and found the adorable lanterns below on Amazon.  The plan was to hang them from trees in the backyard.  However yesterday there was a deluge of rain and today was just too cold to dine outside.  Mother Nature seems to have forgotten about Connecticut this year and so our Springtime weather has been anything but Springy.  The lanterns were just too darn cute, however and not using them was just not something I was will to commit to.  So I thought about it and decided to hang them in the living room window.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.

With the decor all in place it was time to focus on the food.  I've been wanting to serve a bread variety plate for awhile now after being inspired but a treasure trove of deliciousness Dave and I had at Tony and Lucille's in New Haven.  Their bread plate includes their garlic bread, pizza bread, and Italian bread as well as olives, pickled eggplant, parmesan and olive oil for dipping.  My lovely sister-in-law, Amy, made some delicious bread which we cut up and placed around some pickled veggies.  I set out little dipping bowls filled with garlic and parmesan infused olive oil, pesto and a homemade white bean spread.  This bread plate was so simple to do and was such a big hit.  So if your looking for an idea to impress some guests that doesn't take a lot of time, I highly recommend this idea.

For the second course I made this Spring Minestrone from Simply Recipes.  In fact this soup was so good the day I made it, I called Dave up at work and wouldn't stop going on about how good it tasted.  It was like a full blown book report presented to the class and I'm standing up in the front of the classroom beaming with my diorama.  I'm pretty sure Dave was like enough with the soup already!  But then once he tasted it he understood my over enthusiasm.  Ha!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Spring Minestrone.
For the main course Dave and I whipped up a long time favorite recipe, slow-roasted tomato pasta with ricotta.  You cut fresh tomatoes in half and roast them at low heat for 2 hours in the oven.  It is the freshness of the roasted tomatoes and the crumbled ricotta salata that you mix into the pasta that really make this dish.  I got the recipe from a well loved cookbook of mine called Easy Summer Food.  I got this book at Antropologie years ago so I can't believe I just found it to link up to.  Although I should not be too surprised because you can pretty much get anything on Amazon.  I just searched Amazon for a unicorn with a mane of platinum spun threads and a diamond such luck...but I'm sure it's only a matter of time...

Are you noticing how I tend to take pictures of just half the plate when photographing food?  Artsy, yes?  Annoying?...probably also yes...

For dessert I once again enlisted the help of Simply Recipes and made this easy, creamy, dreamy lemon pudding.  I also just recently joined Pinterest and came across The Cake Blog's recipe for Blackberry Lime Cake.  I was intrigued by the beautiful photos and the flavor combination and knew I just had to make this cake.  Disappoint this recipe DID NOT!  The frosting was amazing in and of itself.  Plus I really liked the flavor of the lime cake...personally, I always think of key lime pie and have never really imagined a lime cake before.  Now that I've tried it, lime cake will certainly be added to my arsenal of cake recipes.  I'm so happy that I discovered The Cake Blog and know I will be trying some of their recipes in the future.

Please allow me to offer you a virtual slice.  Ahhhh yes...I am a nerd!

...and with that another successful Mother's Day was accomplished at our house.  I better get going, Father's Day is just over a month away and I've got some planning to do.  Ha!  Till next time, Dear Readers!

P.S. You can find me on Instagram @cornerofcharmandstyle or on Pinterest too now under Corner of Charm and Style.

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