Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, March 2017

Hello dear readers.  For the March shoe of the month, I thought I'd mix it up a bit and do a special Academy Awards addition, where I tell you my picks for best dressed and choose a shoe inspired by their overall look.

First up Karlie Kloss.

Karlie's look blew me away with it's simple elegance.  Everything about her look is spot on, the gorgeous white dress with asymmetrical cape is just stunning.  The flowing loose waves in her hair are a nod to old Hollywood and that necklace...girl after my own heart there!  Let's take a closer look, shall we...

It's a big bold statement necklace but then when you take a closer look you see it is made of these delicate, beautiful flowers.  Gah!!!  I love the bold/delicate mix of this piece!!!

These Badgley Mischka heels channel Karlie Kloss's look to a"T".   The simple white satin in the front of the shoe is reminiscent of the simple white column look of Karlie's dress.  Then your eye travels back to the heel of the shoe and what do we have?!?!  We have that bold/delicate mix...just like Karlie's necklace!  The crystal embellishments provide such gorgeous detail and the way the crystals wrap around the heel is both unexpected and brilliant.

Next up is Taraji P. Henson.  I'm not going to lie, I don't watch the Academy Awards at all, they don't interest me...but I do love to check out the red carpet fashion and when I saw Taraji, I cried out "Hot damn!"  I mean seriously...look at her!  She is killing it in this look.  Everything. Is. Perfect.  The dress, the necklace, that hair!

I am a sucker for velvet.  It is just so luxurious and the rich navy hue of Taraji's dress added to the luxe feeling. The bold necklace provides that pop of glamor that reminds us all that, yes, this is the Academy Awards!  Then there is the whole hair and make-up situation...smoldering!

I love the bob with the waves on one side and the smokey eye.  The dress is a very sexy look and the hair and make-up play up the sex appeal perfectly.  Bravo to Taraji's hair and make-up artists and a bigger BRAVO to Taraji for her brilliant performance and nomination!

These Sam Edelman ballet shoes are a more casual take on Taraji's look.

The satin ties and rich velvet bring that luxurious feel to the table.  The gleam of metal on the heel is a nod to the gleam of that statement necklace...although it is a far more subtle gleam.  These shoes bring in the sex appeal with the satin ties that wrap around the ankle...a far more sweet sex appeal then the smoldering look Taraji brought to the Academy Awards...but sex appeal none the less.

My third pick for best dressed is Jessica Biel.  I am OBSESSED with this dress and that necklace...dear Lord!  If I could afford this dress, I would buy it right now and wear it in everyday life.  Not at all kidding...I would wear it EVERYWHERE.  Although people would probably step on the train when standing in line behind me at the grocery store...and that would just make me angry.  So...maybe not at the grocery store...but definitely everywhere else. 

What blew me away about this dress, is that I've never seen anything like it before.  Also it is gold and shiny and as an Italian girl...I love gold and shiny.  The strategic little peeks of skin add an awesome edge to this dress and that necklace is edgy defined.

To go with my everyday dress, I thought a pair of everyday shoes would be perfect.  Ha!  Check out these stunners from Christian Louboutin.

Jessica's look was head to toe gold and so of course I picked a gold shoe.  The delicate heel and strap remind me of the delicate shreds in the dress.  The exaggerated scoop in the toe has an edgy vibe just like Jessica's necklace and the overall sleekness of the lines of these shoes pay homage to the sleek hair style Jessica rocked on Sunday.

My final pick for best dressed at the Academy Awards is Halle Berry.

As a fellow curly haired girl, when I saw Halle Berry, I cried out a triumphant "Heck Yeah!"  My hair is not that curly but oh how Halle's look is making me wish it was.  I also love the asymmetry of the hairstyle.  There were a few critiques of this hair style, but to me, it was pure brilliance!

The dress is just a showstopper.  Showstopper...the one word, the only word, needed to describe this dress.  Yet, I will tell you why I love it so much....first off, the colors.  The cream and the black are perfect together.  This dress in another color combo just would not work.  At least not in my humble opinion.  The crisscross pattern of the sheer black overlay is unique and I'm loving the metallic fringe at the bottom of the dress.

These shoes from Gucci are breaking my heart because they are $1,790, but I see them and I get inspired, just like I do with Halle's dress.

Now granted you could never wear these shoes with Halle's dress it would just be too much of a look but that is not the name of the game we are playing here.  There are similar characteristics between the dress and the shoes.  The classic color scheme is of course a big one.  The giant bows add the glitz and the glam factor and I think the size and placement of the bows are unexpected just like some of the aspects of Halle's dress.

Here's one more shoe pick inspired by Halle's dress that is far more affordable.  I think these are glam and edgy just like Halle's dress but in a far more subtle way.

While there were many gorgeous looks at the Academy Awards on Sunday, these looks were my favorite.  Whose style did you like?  Do you think my shoe choices did these lovely ladies and their awards style justice?

I hope you enjoyed this special edition of the shoe of the month.  If you'd like to submit a shoe for shoe of the month consideration simply post a photo to Instagram and tag it #shoeswithcharmandstyle.  Don't forget to check me out on Instagram @cornerofcharmandstyle.  Till next time dear readers!

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