Book Review - The Flower Chef

I received so many great books for Christmas this year and I'm reading through them slowly.  I thought it'd be fun to share the books with you in a book review series.  First up is The Flower Chef by Carly Cylinder.

I love having fresh flowers in my house.  They brighten up any space they are in and really add that finishing touch to the room.  However, countless times have I tried to arrange flowers in a vase only to cringe at the end result.  Why don't they look as good as they did in the wrapping, I'd ask myself.  I thought that I just didn't have the gift of floral arrangement...but Carly's techniques and thorough instructions have not only helped me to learn how to arrange flowers with beautiful results...they also helped me to realize what I was doing wrong.

The Flower Chef is fully of recipes, as Carly calls them, for fresh and modern floral arrangements.  There are many different types of recipes, including recipes in a standard vase, bouquets, and centerpieces that run the length of a table.  Carly breaks up the book into sections, that are easy for a novice florist to navigate and understand.  First, Carly goes into detail about how to use the book and encourages you to let it inspire you to not only recreate the designs featured in the book but to get creative and make your own.  It is also in this section that she talks about commonly used flowers, how to care for them and the basic supplies needed to create arrangements.  In the next section she talks about how to prep flowers.  Carly is very thorough here, listing several different types of flowers and the specific preparations that should be done for each.  Carly then groups her stunning recipes by type.  She starts with arrangements that use the spiral technique and also has sections for arrangements using floral foam, arrangements using a grid method, lined vases, freehand arrangements and creative designs.

The pictures in the book are stunning and I wish I could share some with you here.  However, if you check out the link for The Flower Chef you can see a few snippets.

I haven't made any exact recipes in the book yet but I have used the techniques to try out some bouquets of my own design.  These were made with flowers that I just picked up at the grocery store to test out some of the techniques in the book.  While my arrangements aren't as stunning as Carly's, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out...especially for my first attempts.  I look forward to replicating some of the recipes in The Flower Chef.  I already have picked out certain recipes for certain events coming up.

The first bouquet I made after reading The Flower Chef.  Light years better then anything I've done before!

The second arrangement I made to test out my new skills, thanks to Carly's excellent tips!

Overall The Flower Chef has helped boost my confidence when it comes to floral arranging.  It's a really lovely book full of beautiful images and inspiration with well explained, easy to follow techniques.  I hope you check it out and enjoy it as much as I do.

Till next time, dear readers!

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