Icon Inspirations - Audrey Hepburn

Hello dear readers. I've had this idea for a regular series that I wanted to kick off today. I'm calling it Icon Inspirations and here's the run down of how it will work. Each post will feature someone that is an inspiration, not just for their personal style, but for their grace, charm, charisma and overall bravado. I will then adapt their style into the home decor genre, a "Love their style, live their style" of sorts. First up of course is my number one inspiration, Audrey Hepburn. Audrey's style is very feminine and classic. Her style is still relevant and on point today which is not an easy feat by any means...and yet...Audrey made it seem easy. Take this picture below for example, it was taken 49 years ago and yet, I want this entire look. The super chic sunglasses, that gorgeous coat with brass buttons and that awesome haircut. I do not look like this when I fly! How do I look like this when I fly?!?!

The picture below is Audrey to a "T"! Feminine and glam.  Also, that eye makeup...perfection!

I love this menswear look on Audrey. She's wearing a bow tie and jacket and yet still looks so feminine.

Keeping these images in mind, I went in search for some home decor items that would give you a bit of Audrey's style in your space.  So here are my picks for an Audrey inspired living room.

Sconce (The bow detail is so charming and feminine, just like Audrey.  The black shade looks so sharp with the brass, adds a bit of edge and makes this sconce seem more adult then sweet).

Sofa (The luxe royal blue velvet, tufted bench seat, and straight lines play right into Audrey's classic style).
Chair and Ottoman
Rug (I am obsessed with this rug and want it for my living room.  The colors compliment the sconce and sofa nicely without being too matchy, matchy.  I just wish this rug came in a larger size.  To put this in a living room it may need to be layered over something in a larger size that is more neutral, like a jute or sisal). 
Parisian Photo (Because as Audrey said, "Paris is always a good idea.")
Coffee Table (I love the juxtaposition the roundness of the coffee table provides against the linear lines of the rug and sofa.  Plus the wood adds some needed warmth to the room).
Gold Feathers (Not going to lie...I just dig these!  Although the gold and the feathers do lend a nod to Audrey's glamorous side).

Mesmerize Print (Stunning, feminine, and dare I say mesmerizing?!?!)

Well there you have it, my first icon inspired room.  Do you like the idea of "Love their style, live their style?"  Who would you like to see in a future icon inspiration post?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

As always, thanks for stopping by.  Till next time, dear readers.

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  1. I LOVE this idea. Brilliant Shelley :) And the room you designed reflects Ms. Audrey Hepburn perfectly!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Lisa! This really was a fun post to put together. Glad you enjoyed it!


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