Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, January 2017

Happy New Year dear readers!  I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed the holidays and spent much quality time with your family and friends.  My holidays were a good blend of eventful and relaxing.  I love the holiday season so much and all the opportunities it provides for creating, baking, cooking, entertaining and mingling.  In fact I love it so much that I usually find myself in a bit of a funk come January.  However, just because the holidays are over and we still have a long stretch of Winter ahead doesn't mean we have to hibernate at home in sweats drowning our sorrows in red, red wine while binge watching HGTV.  OH NO...I will not let that happen to myself this matter how much I love HGTV!  In fact I am making a conscience effort to appreciate the beauty in Winter and to get out there and enjoy it more.

Appreciating the beauty that Winter has to offer on a nature walk.

I know that Winter has it's own special sparkle and that is why I am letting that sparkle stand up and take notice rather then just complaining about the 800 layers I have to put on just to go outside for 5 minutes.  Ha!  In fact when my Sister sent me the shoes below I knew they had to be the January shoe of the month.  Not only do they sparkle...but they have a unique beauty all their own just like Winter.  So without further ado, the January shoe of the month is brought to you by my sister, Karla, Mod Cloth, the letter W and the number 2017...

Take me home!

There is so much to love about these shoes!  The gold and mint green combo is luscious and unexpected.  The sparkles on the heel make me want to click my heels a la Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz!  Plus they are t-straps and if you've been following this blog for awhile you already know how I feel about t-straps.  The thing I love the most about these shoes though, is the fact that I haven't seen anything like them before.  These shoes inspire me!  So much in fact that I decided to put together a little "Shoes of Green" round up for your viewing, clicking and shopping pleasure.  I hope you enjoy!

1.) Cool mint
2.) Tassels and ties
3.) Hunter green boots
4.) Victorian Vibes
5.) Green and Mustard...Need these in my life!
6.) So sweet!

Thus concludes another shoe of the month post here at The Corner of Charm and Style.  As always thank you for reading and stopping by.  If you'd like to submit a shoe for a future shoe of the month post, share a photo of the shoes on Instagram and tag it #shoeswithcharmandstyle.  Also you can check me out on Instagram @cornerofcharmandstyle.

Till next time, dear readers


  1. Love all of these! As you know I'm particularly fond of the shoe of the month!

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words! So happy to hear you are enjoying the shoe of the month posts!


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