Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, December 2016

Hello Dear Readers.  Yet another month has flown by and we are smack dab in the middle of one of my most favorite times of year…holiday time!  This brings much excitement and more social gatherings than festive cookies…or at least it seems that way sometimes.  However, with all the excitement and busyness comes ever mounting stress, and deciding what to wear to all these festive shindigs can just add to your tightly packed stress mountain.  Take a deep breath and relax a bit, because the December Shoe of the Month is perfect attire for any social gathering!  

Waking up to these beauties under the tree on Christmas morning would be wonderful indeed!

The December Shoe of the Month is brought to us by my dear friend and co-worker Cary and a shoe company called Mojo Moxy.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of Cary wearing the shoes but those of you that know her, know that she is a glam fashionista that glows with both inner and outer beauty.  Cary and I became fast friends because we both love fashion so much and both of us have a deep appreciation for the other’s style.  I think that both of us have the attitude that I will wear what I want and not care what anyone else thinks.  I think that is an important attitude to have because it helps build confidence, not just confidence in physical appearance mind you, confidence in yourself as a whole.  

Back to my original thought now, though.  What makes these shoes great to wear for a social gathering?  For me it is the styling options.  The velvet ties and the cutout details work well with skirts and dresses for more dressy gatherings, however, these shoes can easily be dressed down with a pair of cigarette pants and a glittery top or jeans and one of those festive plaid shirts that you see at J. Crew this time of year.  Add a statement necklace and “Pow!” you are ready to get the party started.  Personally, I love the neutral tan color of the leather.  Neutrals are so classic and put together.  I love a good camel color jacket or sweater but there is a fine line when wearing neutrals, too much neutral and you can look like you are wearing a UPS uniform, which is fine if you are a UPS employee but not so festive or fun for a social gathering.  The funkiness and detail in these shoes prevent this from happening.  Because comfort is always an important factor the thicker heel is perfect for walking about and mingling.

Unfortunately for us these shoes are no longer available but I did find some similar pairs at DSW.  Both at very reasonable price points!  Check them out here and here. 


Check out these stunners from Mojo Moxy.  The red is perfect for holiday festiveness as well but also check out how amazing they look in the black and purple color scheme here.

With that, we conclude another Shoe of the Month post.  I’ll be back soon with a series of handmade gift ideas for you to make and give your loved ones.  

If you’d like to submit a pair of shoes for a future Shoe of the Month post simply post a picture to Instagram and tag it #shoeswithcharmandstyle.  Also, don’t forget to check me out on Instagram @cornerofcharmandstyle.

Happy holiday festiveness to all of you, dear readers!


  1. LOVE these! Wish they were still available, I'd totally buy them or put them on my wish list!

  2. Yes, me too! ...but my suggestions are fairly similar! Thanks so much for posting!


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