Sewing DIY - How to make a table runner with decorative trim

A table runner is another great project for someone that is learning how to sew.  They are quick and easy to make and the styling possibilities are endless.  Because of their simplicity you can make many different styles and change them up seasonally.  In this DIY, I instruct you on how to add a decorative trim to the runner but you could also make a plain runner and the results are just as lovely!


Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, November 2016

Hello dear readers!  How is it November already?  2016 is flying by but that's A OK with me because we are currently in the thick of Autumn, the most beautiful time of year in my humble opinion. Autumn is the perfect time to wear t-straps, the weather is cool enough to wear shoes that enclose your toes but warm enough that the exposed parts of your foot do not get too cold!  I LOVE the t-strap and wish we would see more of them.  They are an underrated champion of footwear!

I picked these little lovelies from BC Footwear for the Shoe of the Month honors for November.  You can take a closer look and snag your own pair here.  What drew me to them is the slightly 70's vibe with the chunky heel and that gorgeous caramel color of the leather.  But don't get me wrong these shoes also pay proper homage to the decade in which the t-strap first graced women's feet...the 1920's.  The t-strap first gained popularity in the 1920's as women began to wear more revealing styles showing more of their feet and flashing a little leg in all those flapper dresses.  I can picture these shoes with so many styles, a tan suede mini and an ivory sweater, jeans with a tucked in button down in a classic color like navy or black,  leggings with an oversized tunic and statement jewelry, and so much more!

The November Shoe of the month from BC Footwear is available at Nordstrom.  (


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