Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, October 2016

Boots with cozy sweaters, warm apple cider, the sound of leaves crunching under my feet, and pumpkin flavored everything are some of my favorite things about the Fall season.  So now that it's October and Fall is in full swing, I just had to pick my favorite boots as the October Shoe of the Month.

I got these shoes at the G.H. Bass and Co. Outlet in Lee, Massachusetts last Fall.  I was looking for a new pair of black boots and these had everything I was looking for.  What makes these boots so killer to me is the over the knee style with the quilting detail in the back and the ribbing detail at the top of the boot.  Plus these are classic styling details which means I'll be rocking these boots for many a Fall season.  It's this attention to detail and the ultra softness of the leather that makes these boots look and feel so luxurious.  These boots can be styled so many ways, I wear them with dresses and skirts during the work week and then pair them with leggings or jeans for a more casual/comfy vibe on the weekends.  I walk with a confident swagger when I wear these beauties...and dear readers...that is what a good shoe of the month is all about!

I was checking out the G.H. Bass and Co. website and saw that they are currently offering so many great options.  Here are some of my favorites.

1.)  Love the grey wool and the contrast of the black kilt detail at the top.  Take a closer look here.
2.)  Black & white, tassels, patent leather...Oh so classic!  Check them out here.
3.)  I absolutely love these sneakers!  So much more stylish than the average casual non-athletic sneaker.  See these in all color options here.

Hope you enjoyed the October Shoe of the Month and the other fantastic shoes that G.H. Bass and Co. has to offer.  Don't forget to check me out on Instagram @cornerofcharmandstyle.  Also if you'd like to submit a shoe for a future shoe of the month, post a photo to Instagram and tag it #shoeswwithcharmandstyle.  Till next time, dear readers!

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