A Wine Tasting Party with a Twist

This past weekend Dave and I hosted our family for a wine tasting party and a little friendly competition.  We asked each couple to bring two bottles of wine.  One bottle that we would open and taste and one that we would set aside.  Then the fun part began.  We tasted each wine one by one, took notes on what we thought and then everyone voted on their favorite wine.  We tallied up all the votes and then the bottles of wine that we set aside were the prize!  Our cousins Jen and Scott, walked into our house with 2 bottles of wine and walked out with 11 bottles.  That's a 550% gain on their investment!!!!  Not too shabby!!!

Do you like this idea and want to host a competitive wine party all your own?  Then read on, dear readers, and let me show you how we pulled it off.

I love to entertain and while it's fun to plan out little details to make the evening and your guests feel special, my ultimate goal for any event I host is an atmosphere that lets guests truly relax and enjoy themselves.  No stuffiness at my house!  That being said, I knew that in order to pull this wine tasting competition off successfully there would need to be some organized structure to the evening.  I knew that in order for the competition to be fair we would need to taste the wine blindly.  I also knew that we would be tasting a lot different wines and so it was important for guests to be able to take notes on their impressions of the wine.

In order for the tasting to be a blind tasting, I created numbered bags to put the wine in.  Dave and I were sure to cut the foil off the necks of the bottles so that no one could see the foil and recognize the bottle we were tasting as their own (we hadn't done that yet in the photo below).

I found the gold circle confetti at Target and immediately the jazz hands started because I loved it so much!  I knew I had to incorporate it into my decor somehow and that is when I thought of gluing the circles on the bags in different designs.  The gold and white tags and twine are also Target finds.  The white bags I picked up at Michael's.

I loved the art deco feel the decorated bags had and that inspired me to carry that theme onto the wine notes and ballot.  I created the border using metallic gold and silver markers from BIC.  I drew the designs just once and then made copies, which worked well.

Because I don't when to quit (ha!), I carried the gold and silver theme a bit further and had guests write their names on their glass in gold and silver window markers.  Bonus points to those that write their name and decorate the glass as well!

When the guests arrived we bagged one wine and put the other bottle on the prize table.  We had a guest that was not going to partake in the wine drinking put all the competition wine in the bags so that no one participating in the contest would know which wine was in which bag.  We explained that the wine notes were to keep track of their first impressions.  Once we had tasted all the wines, we had guests mull over their notes and re-taste any wines that they needed a second opinion on.  We then had them place their wine ballots in our official voting vessel, the top hat you see below!

Dave and I then tallied all the votes and announced the second runner up, first runner up and the winner.  Below is the winners' bounty!

Overall the party went really well.  This is the third time we've hosted a wine tasting party, we've done it with our friends in the past and have had success every time.  Our guests told us what fun they had and how much they like the idea.  We plan to start making this an annual event, one party with the family and one with our friends.

So what do you think?  Would you like to host a similar party at your home? Do you have any unique ideas for hosting a wine party?  I'd love to hear from you!  Till next time, dear readers!

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  1. Wow!! Your wine tasting party is really awesome. Loved the packets you prepared with wine bottles in that. Have never been to such wine party. My fiancé is thinking of arranging this wine tasting party at one of San Francisco venues. Quite excited to be a part of it.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. It is really is a fun party and it's interesting to see people's different impressions on the wine. Your fiance's party sounds great. I'm sure you'll have a blast! Cheers!


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