A Wine Tasting Party with a Twist

This past weekend Dave and I hosted our family for a wine tasting party and a little friendly competition.  We asked each couple to bring two bottles of wine.  One bottle that we would open and taste and one that we would set aside.  Then the fun part began.  We tasted each wine one by one, took notes on what we thought and then everyone voted on their favorite wine.  We tallied up all the votes and then the bottles of wine that we set aside were the prize!  Our cousins Jen and Scott, walked into our house with 2 bottles of wine and walked out with 11 bottles.  That's a 550% gain on their investment!!!!  Not too shabby!!!

Do you like this idea and want to host a competitive wine party all your own?  Then read on, dear readers, and let me show you how we pulled it off.


Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, October 2016

Boots with cozy sweaters, warm apple cider, the sound of leaves crunching under my feet, and pumpkin flavored everything are some of my favorite things about the Fall season.  So now that it's October and Fall is in full swing, I just had to pick my favorite boots as the October Shoe of the Month.


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