Shopping and Dining at The Ritz Crystal Room at Remember When

Hello, dear readers.  Today I'd like to tell you about a unique place with class, style and glamour at every turn.  The Ritz Crystal Room at Remember When located in the Historic District of Torrington, Connecticut is an antique shop and cafe on the first floor and a romantic, elegant speak easy on the second floor. 

The Ritz Crystal Room at Remember When


Summertime Deliciousness

I tried a couple of new recipes this past weekend that were so good, I just had to type up a quick post and share them with all of you!  Dave and I have been renovating our kitchen and it's about 90% done.  We are just waiting for our new backsplash to be installed and then we get to have our fun decorating!  We love the way it is shaping up and so we decided to have some family over for dinner on Saturday night to check out the progress.  It has been one HOT summer here in Connecticut and we are currently in the midst of a string of some of the hottest days so far this summer.  Because of this, I thought it would be nice to serve up a refreshing summer cocktail.  Dave and I have been on a mojito kick lately, ordering them everywhere we go and so I decided mojitos were the way to go.  A quick search and I found these delicious strawberry mojitos on the blog Back to Her Roots.  Best of all the recipe was for a full pitcher of mojitos which was just what I needed for the evening.  What I liked most about these mojitos is that they weren't overly sweet.  The recipe calls for 1 to 1 1/2 cups of rum depending on how strong you want them to be.  I went middle of the road and used 1 1/4 cups of rum but I think next time I will use the full 1 1/2 cups as I thought they were a little bit light on the rum.  So keep this in mind if you want to taste the rum in your mojitos.

Strawberry mojitos...the perfect summertime cocktail.


Sewing DIY - How to Make Your Own Tote Bag

I wanted to follow up my recent "Sewing 101" post with an easy project perfect for a first time or beginner sewer.  A tote bag is a great project for a beginner because it is relatively quick to make, uses a few basic sewing skills and is very versatile.  It is also an inexpensive project to make.  I made my tote bag using fabric squares that I got at Joann Fabrics for a little over $2 a piece!  For those of you that don't know what fabric squares are, they are pre-cut squares of fabric that are folded up and marked for sale.  You can usually find them right along with the full bolts of fabric at your fabric store of choice.

To get started on your tote bag you will need the following supplies:

1.) Five fabric squares.
2.) 3/4 yards of interfacing (Iron on or non-iron on.  I used non-iron on.)
3.) Matching thread
4.) A chalk pencil
5.) Sewing ruler
6.) Fabric Shears
7.) Straight Pins
8.) Seam Ripper (just in case)

Once you've assembled your materials you are ready to get sewing!

Step 1:  Make sure your fabric is square.  To do this, I like to line up the selvage edge of my fabric directly against the edge of my table and then line the ruler up against the edge of the table too.  This will give me a straight line to mark or cut.  I also found a great tutorial for squaring up fabric here.

I lined the selvage edge and the ruler up right against the edge of the table to ensure a straight cut.


Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, August 2016

August is now a few days old and so it is time to announce The Corner of Charm and Style's shoe of the month for August 2016!  So without further ado, here are the little lovelies!

Like the July shoe of the month, these shoes were also purchased at the former Tootsies, now Mini Spa VT.  They are by a company called Not Rated.  Check out some of the chic boots and wedges they are currently offering.  I love these little charmers right here...maybe a future shoe of the month in the making!

 ...but lets get back to focus here!  I love the summery look the straw and gingham details give these shoes.  The pop of color from the yellow flower at the toe is simply darling!  These shoes are also so versatile and can be dressed up for work or date night but also look great with jeans and a cute top for happy hour with the girls.  You can also wear them for lazy days spent lounging around outdoors.

I hope you enjoy the shoe of the month for August 2016.  If you would like to submit a shoe for The Corner of Charm and Style's Shoe of the Month, then simply post a picture of your shoes on Instagram and tag it #shoeswithcharmandstyle.  I look forward to seeing the great shoes you post and maybe picking them for a future submission!

Till next time, dear readers!

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