Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, July 2016

Welcome to The Corner of Charm and Style's first shoe of the month post!  This month I'm featuring these red shoes from my own collection.  I decided to choose them for the first shoe of the month feature because I love how different they are and because I've had more then one co-worker threaten to steal them right off my feet!  I got them years ago in Burlington, Vermont at a store called Tootsies.  Tootsies was a little boutique that sold shoes and bags in the front of the store and then offered manicures and pedicures in the back of the store.  I looked them up and they have left the shoe and bag business behind to become a spa, called Mini Spa VT.  I'm sad to learn that they no longer sell shoes as they had so many unique and sassy options but it does look like they offer some amazing spa services!
The Corner of Charm and Style's very first "Shoe of the Month"
 Style wise these shoes have it going on!  The unique shape of the heel offers comfort as well as style, I have worn these shoes walking around city streets and have never had a problem.  Also I love the red color with the tan leather for the buckle and the plaid...oh my!!!!  They are made by a company called BC Footwear based in California. 
The ruby color inspired this click your heels, there's no place like home photo.
The insole of the shoes have a message that says "Because music is my heartbeat" and it makes me happy every time I read it.  In fact every time I slip these shoes on my feet, they make me smile and I think that is what a good shoe of the month is all about.  Stay tuned for future shoes of the month.  In addition to shoes from my own closet, I plan to scour the Internet as well as feature submissions from readers. 


  1. Lovely! You have some great shoes. Can't wait to see what else is profiled.


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