Shopping Guide - Wickford and Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Hello all!  As promised, I'm back with a guide to some of the fabulous shopping in both Wickford and Watch Hill, Rhode Island!

First up the historic and lovely, Wickford.  The shopping in Historic Wickford Village can mostly be found on Brown Street, West Main Street and Main Street.  West Main Street and Main Street connect and basically form a "T" shape across the end of Brown Street.  The shops in Wickford offer a little bit of everything, apparel, books, crafts, art galleries, jewelry and an outdoor shop with kayak and paddle board rentals.  To see a full list of the shops, click here.  We started our shopping excursion at the top of Brown Street and the aptly named Yes! Gallery was the first store we entered.  Yes!  Gallery is aptly named because I wanted to say "yes" to taking the vast majority of the store home with me!  Ha!  I'll go back to living in my dream world momentarily but first let me finish this shopping guide!  One thing I noticed about the store right off the bat was the numerous lamps they had in the store, each one more stunning then the next.  I'd say that the lamps were my favorite thing about the store.

Just one of the many stunning lamps at Yes! Gallery.

Further down Brown Street is a store called Green Ink.  Green Ink sells women's clothing, accessories and shoes.  I really liked some of the funky pairs of shoes they had for sale...but don't just take my word for it...see for yourself below!

Fabulous shoes at Green Ink

Another store I really like is a clothing boutique called Gossip.  Gossip has some really unique and stylish clothes, plus they also have a wide variety of Free People apparel.  I couldn't resist picking up this amazing Free People boho top while I was there. 

I'm a shy model.
What is probably my favorite find while shopping in Wickford is a unique and awesome lithograph I picked up in a store called Different Drummer.  The store had a bunch of different lithographs inspired by classic novels and then when you look at the lithograph up close, you can actually see that the picture is made from the words of the novel itself!  I picked up this "Emma" lithograph below to hang in my sewing room at home.

The "Emma" lithograph and an up close view showing how the words make up the picture.  So stinking cool!

Those are just some of the highlights of Wickford shopping, there are many other stores that are worth exploring for some truly neat art and gifts.

On our last day in Rhode Island, we took a ride to scenic Watch Hill.  Bay Street, in the heart of Watch Hill, is lined with some great shopping, there are antique shops, clothing boutiques, specialty food shops and some well know favorites like J. McLaughlin.  There are some side streets off of Bay Street that are also lined with some fabulous stores.  You could spend quite a bit of time shopping in Watch Hill.

Rochelle's Boutique, immediately caught my eye.  I love the charming window displays and the cute decor inside the store.  I fell in love with a blue lace dress while I was there and just knew I had to take it home with me!

I love these pendent lights at Rochelle's

The entrance to Rochelle's

The dress I just had to take home!

A couple other stylish boutiques I noticed while shopping in Watch Hill were Coppola's for women's fashionable beach town attire and Highpoint Home for home furnishings and accessories with both style and polish!  My apologies for the window glare in the photos below...I wish I could have photographed the store windows without it but every which way I tried was hopeless!

Coppola's Boutique
Love the oh so now blue and white stylings at Highpoint Home!

Isn't this necklace gorgeous at another charming Watch Hill boutique?

For those of you that have a serious sweet tooth there is the mouth watering Candy Box and it's neighbor Gramma's Gelato Cafe.  The candy display at The Candy Box is so cute and delightful.  The candy is displayed on pink shelves with gingham curtains and on tables with bright green and pink baskets.  The chocolates look oh so mouth watering in the glass cases.  The owner of Gramma's Gelato Cafe will let you try as many flavors as you'd like to help aid in your decision.  I had the key lime gelato and it was delicious!

The Candy Box's bright and cheery pink shelving

More from The Candy Box

Those delicious chocolate displays at The Candy Box

The gelato case at Gramma's Gelato Cafe

Watch Hill had so many unique and charming stores and sadly I wasn't able to tour them all.  I look forward to going back some day on a future Rhode Island getaway.  Have you every been shopping in Wickford or Watch Hill?  If so, what are some of your favorite stores?

Till next time, dear readers!


  1. I have never been to a Rhode Island beach area but I think it is on my list

  2. Great recommendations and finds.


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