Sewing 101

I wanted to write a post for all of those out there that are thinking about learning to sew but have not yet because they don't know where to start or because they think it seems too hard.  All you need to get started is a sewing machine and just a few essentials.  As for it being hard, as a beginner myself, I can tell you that with practice and patience you will find that it's not quite as difficult as you think to create some simple but fun projects and then expand your experience from there.  

My sewing room at home.

I was first inspired to learn to sew after looking for curtains for our bathroom for two years and not finding anything I liked.  I realize that this makes me sound quite picky and a bit obnoxious...but the reality is, I had an idea of what I wanted in my head, but couldn't find anything that resembled what I pictured in my mind.  Then one day I was watching HGTV at the gym and there was a women on the "Property Brothers" making her own curtains.  Maybe it was the runner's high or maybe it was the lack of oxygen to my brain but I thought, "I can do that!"  I had often thought that I would like to learn to sew but would then discourage myself by thinking I didn't have the time or that I would just mess up any project I attempted.  I don't know what it was exactly about that episode of "Property Brothers" that suddenly convinced me otherwise but I'm glad it did.  That very night I went home and told my husband I would like a sewing machine for Christmas.  Fast forward almost eight months later with August just a day away...and my bathroom is still curtainless.  Ha!!!  But, I have tackled several other projects including living room pillows, euro shams, tote bags and my current project, curtains for our living room.  I'll tackle that bathroom eventually but in the meantime I've discovered a hobby I thoroughly enjoy.  I was lucky enough to have a spare bedroom at home that really served no purpose other than to store stuff we didn't really use, so we cleaned it out and made it a sewing room.  I consider it my happy place to destress after a long fact, cheesy as this sounds I can feel the corners of my mouth turn up into a smile every time I'm in there.


Shopping Guide - Wickford and Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Hello all!  As promised, I'm back with a guide to some of the fabulous shopping in both Wickford and Watch Hill, Rhode Island!

First up the historic and lovely, Wickford.  The shopping in Historic Wickford Village can mostly be found on Brown Street, West Main Street and Main Street.  West Main Street and Main Street connect and basically form a "T" shape across the end of Brown Street.  The shops in Wickford offer a little bit of everything, apparel, books, crafts, art galleries, jewelry and an outdoor shop with kayak and paddle board rentals.  To see a full list of the shops, click here.  We started our shopping excursion at the top of Brown Street and the aptly named Yes! Gallery was the first store we entered.  Yes!  Gallery is aptly named because I wanted to say "yes" to taking the vast majority of the store home with me!  Ha!  I'll go back to living in my dream world momentarily but first let me finish this shopping guide!  One thing I noticed about the store right off the bat was the numerous lamps they had in the store, each one more stunning then the next.  I'd say that the lamps were my favorite thing about the store.

Just one of the many stunning lamps at Yes! Gallery.


Charming Destinations - South Kingstown, Wickford and Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Hi everyone.  I just got back from a great family vacation to South Kingstown, Rhode Island.  South Kingstown is a quiet and relaxing beach town with a casual and laid back atmosphere.  There are a variety of things to do for both children and adults, the beach, lighthouses, shopping, amazing restaurants, mini golf and lots of ice cream shops!

My Aunt and Uncle own a vacation home in South Kingstown so we stayed there, but there are many charming beach homes to rent as well as some charming seaside inns.  I loved checking out all the different homes as we drove around, from the cute little cottages to the large gated homes that sat right on the ocean.

Driving around South Kingstown at sunset

Misquamicut Beach, which is probably the best known beach in Rhode Island is not a far drive from where we stayed but we chose to chill at South Kingstown Beach.  My family and I like South Kingstown Beach because it is smaller and less crowded but still offers the big waves and beautiful views of Misquamicut.  There is a good crowd at South Kingstown as well, families with children, young couples, older couples, and groups of friends.  The water is cold at first but spend an hour or two laying out on the beach and then it feels great! 


Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, July 2016

Welcome to The Corner of Charm and Style's first shoe of the month post!  This month I'm featuring these red shoes from my own collection.  I decided to choose them for the first shoe of the month feature because I love how different they are and because I've had more then one co-worker threaten to steal them right off my feet!  I got them years ago in Burlington, Vermont at a store called Tootsies.  Tootsies was a little boutique that sold shoes and bags in the front of the store and then offered manicures and pedicures in the back of the store.  I looked them up and they have left the shoe and bag business behind to become a spa, called Mini Spa VT.  I'm sad to learn that they no longer sell shoes as they had so many unique and sassy options but it does look like they offer some amazing spa services!
The Corner of Charm and Style's very first "Shoe of the Month"
 Style wise these shoes have it going on!  The unique shape of the heel offers comfort as well as style, I have worn these shoes walking around city streets and have never had a problem.  Also I love the red color with the tan leather for the buckle and the plaid...oh my!!!!  They are made by a company called BC Footwear based in California. 
The ruby color inspired this click your heels, there's no place like home photo.
The insole of the shoes have a message that says "Because music is my heartbeat" and it makes me happy every time I read it.  In fact every time I slip these shoes on my feet, they make me smile and I think that is what a good shoe of the month is all about.  Stay tuned for future shoes of the month.  In addition to shoes from my own closet, I plan to scour the Internet as well as feature submissions from readers. 

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