Father's Day Lobster Boil

This past Sunday Dave and I hosted his parents, sister and my mother for a Father's Day lobster boil.  A few weeks back, I promised my Father-in-Law a Father's Day full of champagne wishes and caviar dreams so I knew I had to pull out all the stops.  

The equivalent of a Cheshire Cat grin for my Father-in-Law!
When designing the day in my mind, I pulled lots of inspiration from some recent bits of deliciousness that I have experienced in a variety of places.  The menu consisted of lemon and blueberry infused water, an inspiration that was struck from the cafeteria where I work, which offers a different fruit infused water at lunch daily!  Then I pulled inspiration from some favorite restaurants of mine.  First course was a kale and shaved brussel sprout salad with warm bacon vinaigrette and blueberry cornbread complimented by homemade honey butter and blueberry jam.

For the blueberry cornbread, I just added 1 cup of blueberries to my go to cornbread recipe.  The honey butter was just one stick of unsalted butter, about a tablespoon of honey and just a little bit of cinnamon stirred together.  Blueberry jam...Shop Rite's finest! 
For the main course we used Tiffani Thiessen's lobster boil recipe from her Cooking Channel show Dinner at Tiffani's.  Dave and I were really intrigued by her recipe when watching the show one day.  We really liked that she put all the traditional fixings of a lobster boil like steamers and corn on the cob in the pot but she also added all these other elements of flavor like onions, garlic, fennel, keilbasa and beer!  Lobster, keilbasa and beer...I'm pretty sure Dave was experiencing a stimulus overload at that point and that is when I said, "We must make this for Father's Day!"  The fact that you use the broth created by the boiling liquid to dip the lobster meat in also struck my curiosity.  Let me tell you...the broth smelled SO GOOD!!!  We knew as soon as we took the lid off the pot that this was going to be a tasty meal...one that we would be adding to our list of keeper recipes.  My lovely Sister-in-law, Amy, made a homemade coleslaw so good that the leftovers currently in my fridge are making my mind wander as I write this.  

The table full of goodies
With the main meal set I could now focus on my favorite part, dessert!  I started thinking of a brownie sundae and how I could take that concept and put a new spin on it, that was when my idea for a blondie sundae was born.  I've never made a blondie before so I searched a favorite blog, Simply Recipes for a good recipe and selected this one.  If you have never checked out the Simply Recipes blog, I highly recommend you do.  Both my Aunt Anita and I are big Simply Recipes fans and every recipe that either one of us has ever made from there has been great.  Elise, is a food genius!  To top the blondie I made lemon ice cream from the book Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home.  I received this book as a gift from my darling Sister, Brother-in-Law and Niece.  I've tried other homemade ice cream recipes but like Jeni's the best because I think they come out creamier then other homemade ice creams that can sometimes be a bit dry.  To top off the sundaes I made a blueberry sauce from Taste of Home.  This was really quick and easy to put together and worth the effort.

Dessert.  My apologies for the lousy smartphone pic.
With the menu all planned I turned my focus to the details.  I'm always inspired by the use of natural elements to serve and present food so when Dave and I saw an awesome raw wood serving board on our trip to Bar Harbor, I asked him if he could make one.  The result is the platter we served the cornbread on below.  We both think it looks really cool and best of all it was totally free!  I'll post an entry about how he created it soon!

The day before Father's Day, Amy and I went to Target to shop for table decorations and some details to make our Father/Father-in-Law feel special.  We found these fun chalkboard arrows that we hung from a tree in our yard and made fake street signs with.

These cute wood pots caught our eye too and so did the yellow pearlized gumballs.  We then thought to create little flags that said "#1 Dad" to add to the gumball filled pots.  Plus the yellow went with the lemon and blueberry theme created with the food!  These were just a couple easy and inexpensive details but they helped make the table look a little more special on this special day to honor a great man whose strength and perseverance we truly admire.

Reading through this post, I'm sure you noticed I used the word "inspire" A LOT!  However, I think the inspiration is what I like most about hosting a dinner party or designing a new space in my home.  I think it is truly a joy to take simple pleasures from everyday life, like the water you drink at lunch daily, a lazy weeknight watching the Cooking Channel with your favorite snuggle buddy or a vacation memory and create a new joy out of them, a joy that you share with the ones you love.  Till next time my friends!

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  1. What a lovely meal! I'm very intrigued by the lobster boil recipe. Sounds divine. The blueberry cornbread will have to go on my list of must tries! I'm quite sure your FIL must have enjoyed every morsel. - Karla


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