DIY - Raw Edge Wood Serving Board

Making a raw edge wood serving board is a fun, easy and budget friendly DIY project.  Plus, the rustic look of it really takes your food presentation up a notch.  Style it with some fresh herbs such as rosemary, bay leaf and sage and you are well on your way to "Ooooos and Ahhhs" from all your guests.

To make the board, you will need the following:

  1. Tree stump
  2. Chain Saw
  3. Electric sander (optional)
  4. 60 grit sandpaper
  5. 400 grit sandpaper
  6. Mineral oil (available at hardware stores or kitchen stores)
Step 1:  Use the chain saw to cut the desired shape of your board.  We decided we wanted a rectangular shape for our board, however, I also had the idea of cutting several circles and using them as plate chargers. 

Remember safety first.  Wear those protective glasses!


Father's Day Lobster Boil

This past Sunday Dave and I hosted his parents, sister and my mother for a Father's Day lobster boil.  A few weeks back, I promised my Father-in-Law a Father's Day full of champagne wishes and caviar dreams so I knew I had to pull out all the stops.  

The equivalent of a Cheshire Cat grin for my Father-in-Law!
When designing the day in my mind, I pulled lots of inspiration from some recent bits of deliciousness that I have experienced in a variety of places.  The menu consisted of lemon and blueberry infused water, an inspiration that was struck from the cafeteria where I work, which offers a different fruit infused water at lunch daily!  Then I pulled inspiration from some favorite restaurants of mine.  First course was a kale and shaved brussel sprout salad with warm bacon vinaigrette and blueberry cornbread complimented by homemade honey butter and blueberry jam.


Charming Stays, Charming Destinations - Bar Harbor, Maine

Hello friends, my apologies for the delay between posts.  I created my blog and then went away on vacation just a few days later.  My vacation, however, inspired me to start a regular series with the blog that I'm calling "Charming Stays, Charming Destinations".  In the series, I'll write about places I've visited that invoke my charm and style philosophy.  First up, the delightful, Bar Harbor, Maine!

Dave and I first visited Bar Harbor together back in September 2013 and had such a great time that we decided to go back to celebrate our first anniversary.  Bar Harbor is such a great vacation spot because there are so many different things to do that appeal to a wide variety of people.  More on that in a little bit, but first I'll talk about the first thing anyone considers when they pick a destination...where to stay.

Dave and I chose to stay at the charming and welcoming Thornhedge Inn.  This was our second time staying at Thornhedge and we would stay there again in a heart beat!  Andrew, the innkeeper is so helpful and friendly.  He's an excellent resource on Bar Harbor and it's many offerings, easily doling out dinner recommendations, scenic hikes through Acadia National Park, or wonders of Bar Harbor that few tourists know about!  Thornhedge itself is a beautiful Inn, built in the early 1900's as a vacation home.  The inn has some beautiful details and is filled with many intricate could spend hours in the inn itself just looking around.  Another great aspect of staying at the Thornhedge is the social aspect of your stay.  Breakfast is served in the dining room daily and when you go downstairs you sit at a long table and eat with other guests, while Andrew serves you delicious breakfasts like creme brule french toast and joins in the conversation as well.  Possibly my favorite part of being a guest at Thornhedge is the afternoon social hour of wine and cheese served in the lovely parlor.  Here are just a few glimpses at the beauty of this charming inn.

A view of the outside of Thornhedge Inn


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