Mother's Day Brunch 2018

Hello Dear Readers.  Hope all the moms out there had a fabulous Mother's Day.  As many of you know, Dave and I host a Mother's Day brunch every year for our moms and I love to pick a different theme every year.  This year's inspiration struck when I came across this floral fabric on Hawthrone Threads.  I loved the large floral print and the colors of the fabric and so I decided to use it to make the tablecloth for this year's brunch.

Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, May 2018

Hello Dear Readers and Happy May!  I hope that you are experiencing some nice warm weather where you are.  Connecticut has been a mix of cold days and warm sunny days but today is forecast to be sunny and in the 70's.  Alleluia!  I can't wait to get out there and enjoy it!

Mama's Only 25 - A Cocktail Tribute to Mom

Hello Dear Readers.  If you've been with me awhile you know I enjoy creating my own cocktails.  With Mother's Day just over two weeks away, I thought it'd be a good time to introduce you to my latest creation called Mama's Only 25.  I plan to serve it at the Mother's Day brunch I will be hosting this year.  My inspiration for this cocktail was a classic French 75, hence my cheeky naming convention.  I replaced the lemon juice with grapefruit juice and the gin with vodka and just like that a bubbly and refreshing mom worthy drink was born.

I like to think that I was a pretty good kid growing up and didn't give my mom too many reasons to wine down or indulge in a cocktail to destress.  My deepest apologies Mom.  I'd like to make it up to you and to moms everywhere, so without further ado I present to you the Mama's Only 25.

Sewing a Pillow with Decorative Border

Hello Dear Readers.  We updated the area rug in our living room recently and once we did, the pillows that were on the couch clashed horribly.  When I told Dave that a pillow update was necessary ASAP, he laughed and told me that our house had way too many pillows and that I clearly had a problem.  Too many pillows in our house?!?!  Silly husband!  I let him know that his hallucinations were really no laughing matter and that when he experiences them he should lie down on the couch and rest his head on a non-clashy pillow until they subside.  His subsequent eye roll was followed by silence and since the sound of silence is also the sound of defeat...I set off to work!

Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, April 2018

      The April Shoe of the Month, courtesy of Boden.

Hello Dear Readers.  Spring is still refusing to show itself here in Connecticut.  Just today we had about 3-4 inches of snow in my town.  I, however, have decided to just full on blow off Mother Nature and have been wearing my Spring clothes anyway and shivering the whole day through.  Eh, it's a small price to pay as I'm getting awfully sick of my boots and my wool tweeds.

How to Hang Art in a Grid

Hello Dear Readers.  Recently we hung a grid of botanical art in our bedroom.  While hanging a bunch of art is generally a relatively simple task, hanging art in a grid can be daunting because you have to be precise with the spacing between each frame otherwise things just end up looking messy no matter how gorgeous the art.  I'm sharing the method we used with you all today in hopes that it will help you.  This method worked well for us and really didn't take much time at all.

Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, March 2018

Hello Dear Readers and Happy March!  Happy March indeed!  With March comes Spring and since I've been having dreams of Spring pretty much since January 1st...nothing is making me happier right now!  Oh Spring, with your sunshine, flowers and happiness! 

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