Father's Day 2019 - An Italian Pizza Parlor

Hello dear readers.  I hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day.  For us this Father's Day celebration has been a long time coming, as the last two Father's Days we were unable to host.  I've had the idea to create an Italian Pizza Parlor theme for a couple years now and I really wanted to make this Father's Day special for my Father-in-law.  He has done so much for us and his family, no matter what stresses life puts at him he always maintains a calm and steady demeanor and he really truly is the rock of our family.  He's gone through a lot this past year with the loss of his wife and I couldn't think of a person more deserving of a day to make him feel special.

Mother's Day Brunch 2019

Hello Dear Readers.  If you've been with me for awhile now then you know that my husband, Dave, and I host a Mother's Day Brunch every year.  As many of you know, Dave's mother passed away last June.  I knew that the first Mother's Day without her was going to be a tough day for us and so I wanted the food and decor to be simple, yet pretty.  I wanted the true focus of the day to be enjoying some good food and great conversation with my mom.  Dave and I have always been family oriented people, but this past year has driven home the importance of quality time with our loved ones just a bit more.

Cozy Accessories to Beat the Winter Blues

Our house this past Christmas

Happy New Year dear readers!  Recently a reader contacted me and asked me to write a post about incorporating Winter decor into the home to beat the post Christmas Blues.  I thought this was such an excellent idea that I just simply had to get started right away! 

I love the cozy feeling that Christmas decor brings to the home...the tree and warm glow of holiday lights and candles, wreaths and fresh green garlands, festively wrapped presents and loads of cookies and sweets around on display.  These things are the ultimate catalyst to that warm fuzzy feeling.  Well, Dave and I took our Christmas decorations down on Saturday and now the house feels so empty.  I get this feeling every year and it always makes me laugh...I mean my house looks exactly like it does now for 11 months out of the year and I'm perfectly happy and content.  So, why does it feel so barren for those first couple weeks after The Great De-Christmasication?  If you feel the same as me and that faithful reader, then read on as I try my best to help you beat those Winter Blues with some cozy home decor ideas.

He Sees You When You're Drinking - A Cranberry and Bourbon Cocktail

Seasons Greetings all!  The time has come to share this year's holiday cocktail.  Dubbed the "He Sees You When You're Drinking", this cocktail features a healthy balance of sweet and tart, with cranberry liquor and fresh squeezed lemon juice, balanced off with smooth bourbon.  The name was inspired by my husband's childhood tradition of leaving Santa cookies and a shot of bourbon on Christmas Eve night.  Wait a minute!  Who the heck am I kidding!  The tradition continues as we still set out cookies and bourbon on Christmas Eve night for Mr. Claus...and let me tell you, I think Santa really appreciates the break from all that milk because every year Santa is great to us!  So I think this year, instead of a shot of bourbon we will try leaving him a "He Sees You When You're Drinking" instead.  So without further ado, here's the recipe for you to share with family, friends or the big guy himself.  Cheers!

Festive Holiday Table Setting

I have a tendency to go a little nutty at the holidays...nutty in a good way though!  Partly because I love entertaining and creating special little details for my guests so much, that I think holiday entertaining is just part of my natural wheelhouse. So, ever since Dave and I took over hosting Christmas Day a few years back I have dreamed up a different and handmade table setting every year.  You can check out last year's table setting here

How to Sew a Euro Sham

Hello Dear Readers.  You may remember from my recent post about our master bedroom progress, that I made the black euro sham above and promised to share a tutorial.  Well it's high time, I made good on that promise!  These euro sham are a really quick and easy project and feature an envelope closure, so if you have a fear of sewing zippers, no worries...this project leaves you in the clear.  I went basic with my euro shams by using a solid fabric but you can get real custom and creative here and use a beautiful patterned fabric or add custom trims.  Go crazy with your euro shams and truly express your personality, your bedroom is your sanctuary after all!

Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, October 2018

Hello Dear Readers and Happy October!  I was on the search for some new brown boots for Fall when I stumbled upon these fabulous Jeffery Campbell shoes on the Free People website.  I just knew I had to make them a shoe of the month pick because they combine two of my favorite shoes, the boot and the loafer!  This brilliant bootfer, as I decided to dub them, should certainly earn a place in the fashion history books.  I mean, seriously, I give Mr. Campbell a big round of applause here, he took some classic style elements like the penny loafer details and the color combos and morphed them into something truly chic and unique.   This begs the question...what other classic shoe styles can combine to create pure brilliance?  I'm as sure that there are endless possibilities as I am sure that a stiletto/sneaker combo is NOT one of those possibilities.  Ha!  Either way, let's just take the month of October to admire these beauties.  Bravo Mr. Campbell...bravo!

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