DIY Sewing Project - Creative Label Tags

Hello Dear Readers.  One of my goals for the new year is to get a little more organized in my sewing room at home.  I find that with each new project I take on, I accumulate a little bit more stuff, whether it be leftover fabric or some other type of notion.  Things were starting to get out of control on my trestle desk.  Since I am the only one that really goes in that room, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a piece of furniture.  So, I headed down to Ikea and picked up one of their storage units with the baskets that slide in and out.  I am so excited that everything now has a home and I am loving the ease of the sliding baskets.  The only thing is, I needed some way to label them.  I thought it would be fun to create my own label tags with some of my leftover fabric.  After some experimenting I came up with a design that worked well to fit my needs and I'm sharing the pattern and tutorial with you all today.

Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, February 2018

Hello Dear Readers and Happy February!  Ah, February...the month where we are all officially smack dab in the middle of Winter.  This is also the month where I usually start to get a little antsy and heartsick for Spring.  Don't get me wrong, Winter does have it's moments, the beauty of nature in a fresh fallen blanket of white, cozy days lounging by the fire and warm fuzzy sweaters to name a few.  It's just that I like to be active and outside and since Winter can often restrict that ability, I can sometimes get a little bit cranky.  However, it's usually nothing an evening out with friends, a frothy warm cappuccino or a new pair of shoes can't fix.  Speaking of the later, when I stumbled across these adorable polka dot and heart sneakers from Betsey Johnson, I knew I had the perfect shoe to cheer up my Winter doldrums!  So if you too are feeling a little bit down on Winter, read on and hopefully this shoe of the month post will bring a little sparkle to your day!

How to Sew an Infinitity Scarf

Hello Dear Readers.  Scarves are one of my most favorite accessories, so recently when I was staring at the ever growing pile of leftover fabric in my sewing room, wondering what to do with it all, the idea to try my hand at an infinity scarf came to mind.  This project was quick and easy to put together...I mean we are talking under an hour here folks!  So if you too have an ever growing pile of scrap fabric, then check out this basically free style update for your Winter wardrobe.  Heck yeah!  Are you as excited as I am?  Well lets get to it then!

Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, January 2018

Hello Dear Readers!  Happy New Year and Happy New Shoes!  Cheers to a healthy, prosperous and joyful 2018 for us all!

We are in the midst of a bitterly cold stretch here in Connecticut and while it is quite tempting to just curl up in sweats and not leave my house till temperatures reach above freezing, I've been fighting this dangerous way of thinking by focusing on some of the charming aspects of Winter fashion.  One thing that instantly comes to mind is texture.  Winter fashion is chock full of it!  Tweed, cashmere, leather, suede, velvet and so much more.  I decided to take that texture concept and run with it for my January Shoe of the Month pick. 

Gingle Berry Fizz - A Holiday Cocktail

Hello Dear Readers!  Christmas is just one short week away and I am ridiculously excited!  We are hard at work in our house prepping for the holiday and recently put the finishing touches on our signature cocktail for Christmas Day.  For those that are new here, my husband, Dave and I like to create a holiday cocktail to serve our guests as they arrive to our house on Christmas Day.  Last year's Blackberry Bourbon Sour was so delicious that I was almost tempted to serve it again...but where is the creativity in that?!?!  Not going to lie, when it comes to liquor, I'm a bourbon and scotch kinda gal, but I decided it was time to leave my comfort zone and create a gin based cocktail this year.  Originally I wanted to name this cocktail "Every time a Gingle Rings an Angel Gets it's Wings" but I realize that is far, far too long a name for a cocktail.  Plus, true confession, I'm part of the 2% of the population that actually hates that movie.  (Shock and horror...I know).  Give me Miracle on 34th Street or Holiday Inn over It's a Wonderful Life any day.  The original black and white version of Miracle on 34th Street that is, none of this colorized or 1994 remake nonsense.  But, I digress, as I so often do, so let's get to that Gingle Berry Fizz recipe so you and your family can gingle all the way this Christmas too. 

A Fun Holiday Place Setting

Hello Dear Readers.  With the holidays fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to share my idea for my holiday place setting with you this year.  Dave and I host Christmas Day at our house and every year I like to come up with a different little surprise at each plate for when guests first arrive.   A few different ideas popped into my head this year but the idea to place individual charcuterie boards at each place really stuck out to me.  I was contemplating how to make this happen without spending a small fortune on several small cutting boards when my aunt suggested using cedar grilling planks.  This was the perfect solution.  I found this pack of two planks at my local Bed Bath and Beyond for only $7.99.  I knew that these planks were too long so I could easily cut them in half with a table saw and get four makeshift charcuterie boards per pack.  This is exactly what I did and with my boards secured it was time to get to deciding what to put on them.

Handmade Gift Series 2017 - Gift #3 Beaded Headband

Hello Dear Readers.  I'm happy to present my third and final handmade gift for my 2017 Handmade Gift series for the holidays.  If you missed by first two handmade gifts you can check them out here and here.  With Christmas being just two short weeks away I am in a panic as I have not quite yet finished my gift shopping.  I usually am much further ahead of the game at this point and so I'm feeling nervous that I won't get everything done in time.  If you are feeling the same then this beaded headband is a great option for you as it comes together rather quickly and appeals to females of all ages.  Don't worry y'all, I understand you're running out of time so I'm keeping this intro short and getting right to the DIY.

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