How to Sew a Euro Sham

Hello Dear Readers.  You may remember from my recent post about our master bedroom progress, that I made the black euro sham above and promised to share a tutorial.  Well it's high time, I made good on that promise!  These euro sham are a really quick and easy project and feature an envelope closure, so if you have a fear of sewing zippers, no worries...this project leaves you in the clear.  I went basic with my euro shams by using a solid fabric but you can get real custom and creative here and use a beautiful patterned fabric or add custom trims.  Go crazy with your euro shams and truly express your personality, your bedroom is your sanctuary after all!

Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, October 2018

Hello Dear Readers and Happy October!  I was on the search for some new brown boots for Fall when I stumbled upon these fabulous Jeffery Campbell shoes on the Free People website.  I just knew I had to make them a shoe of the month pick because they combine two of my favorite shoes, the boot and the loafer!  This brilliant bootfer, as I decided to dub them, should certainly earn a place in the fashion history books.  I mean, seriously, I give Mr. Campbell a big round of applause here, he took some classic style elements like the penny loafer details and the color combos and morphed them into something truly chic and unique.   This begs the question...what other classic shoe styles can combine to create pure brilliance?  I'm as sure that there are endless possibilities as I am sure that a stiletto/sneaker combo is NOT one of those possibilities.  Ha!  Either way, let's just take the month of October to admire these beauties.  Bravo Mr. Campbell...bravo!

Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, September 2018

Happy September Dear Readers!  I hope all my American readers had a nice Labor Day weekend and enjoyed the unofficial end of Summer.  As much as I love Summer, I am looking forward to the crisp clear Autumn days ahead and the overabundance of pumpkin items everywhere you look.  I think the reason I'm so excited for Autumn and pumpkin is because we currently have a co-worker from Germany visiting us at work to provide some training and support for a project my department is working on.  She keeps talking about how excited she is to try pumpkin desserts because they don't have canned pumpkin in Germany.  She is here for three weeks and so I have made both pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie and brought them into my office.  So, anyway, because of her I have pumpkin on the brain!

Master Bedroom Progress

Hello Dear Readers.  As you may remember from this post, I've been working on a refresh of our master bedroom.  I figured it was high time to give you all an update.  Let's start with the bed shall we.  This monogrammed duvet cover and shams were the jumping off point of inspiration for me with the refresh.  As I had previously mentioned here, I have dreamed of a black and white bedroom since I was a youngin.  When I spotted this duvet cover and shams on the Restoration Hardware website, I was excited because it was exactly what I was thinking for bedding.  I liked the idea of simple bedding for two reasons.  1.) The simple border design and monogram give a feeling of serenity and peace.  This is a bedroom after all and my ultimate goal in the redesign was a look and feel that supported peacefulness and rest.  2.)  I really like how simple neutral bedding allows you to get creative with the accent pillows.  It also allows you to change the look and feel of your bed relatively easily and cheaply, by a simple switch of pillows.  I should also mention that this bedding is on super sale right now at Restoration Hardware.  So if you like it, be sure to check it out.

Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, August 2018

The August Shoe of the Month courtesy of Anne Klein.

Hello Dear Readers.  As you may recall from my June Shoe of the Month post, I recently started a new job...well actually, I recently started a new old job.  Allow me to give you some background on that.  I graduated college in May of 2004 with an Accounting degree and immediately started applying to a bunch of jobs.  I was going on several interviews and things were going well, when one day I went to interview at a manufacturing company.  From the minute I walked through the front door, I just felt like this was the place for me, that this was were I needed to work.  I liked everything about it, the look of the place, the people I interviewed with and the sense of the company culture I had picked up on during my interview.  Needless to say, I left that interview excited and hopeful.  The very next day a different company called and offered me a job.  I was confused as I liked that company as well, but it was a second choice.  I knew that if I turned down this offer in hopes of getting a job offer from the ideal company only to have that offer never come, I would kick myself.  So I did what any bold, fearless and cocky 22 year old would do, I called up Rico, the hiring manager at my ideal company and told him the truth, that I got a good job offer but I really wanted to come work for him.  Did that faithful phone call work in my favor?  The truth is I don't really know if that influenced Rico's decision at all because I never did ask him, but fast forward a few weeks later and I got the job offer I was hoping for and started working at my ideal company a couple weeks later.

Style Corner - Shoe of the Month, July 2018

Hello Dear Readers.  Happy Fourth of July to all my American readers!  Happy day to the rest!  For the July Shoe of the Month post, I thought it would be fun to round up a collection of red, white and blue shoes as a tribute to America's day of independence.  So Happy Birthday America and happy shopping Dear Readers!

Stylish Alternatives to White Subway Tile

Our kitchen backsplash

Hello Dear Readers.  Please don't let the title of this post steer you wrong, I actually love a good white subway tile.  It's stylish, cost effective and classic, however sometimes it's good to shake things up a bit so, I rounded up some alternatives that pack a style punch.

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